Cerber Decryptor – The Chronology Of Cerber Ransomware Updates

Cerber Decryptor:

This might not be true because you can never rely on cyber criminals’ words. This piece of malware can be bought in Bitcoins, but there is no information whether it decrypts files or not.

Even if it does, remember that criminals can send it to you in a bundle with malicious files or Trojans, which can cause further security problems to you. Malware researchers always suggest not to rely on cyber criminals and decryption services that they offer. Besides, paying the ransom would fund further projects of malware creators, so you may want to think twice before you reach out for your credit card.

Cerber2 ransomware:

As the name of the virus suggests, this is the second version of Cyber virus. It was released in August 2016, and it seems to be distributed via drive-by downloads, malvertising, and malicious email campaigns. This virus locks the data using nearly unbreakable encryption algorithm and adds .cerber2 file extension to them.

Once encrypted, files cannot be accessed in any way without having the decryption key. Of course, you can get the decryption key, but crooks ask to pay money for it, in other words, you need to pay a ransom to get your files back. It is strongly recommended not to pay the ransom as Cerber2 decryption tool might have flaws and not decrypt the data entirely. Just like other ransomware decryptors offered by authors, this one can be supplemented with harmful additional files as well. Security experts recommend removing v2 as soon as the victim notices that the computer has been compromised by it and retrieve lost data from backups.

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Cerber3 ransomware:

The new version proves to be more powerful than ever before. Now the ransomware appends .cerber3 extension to the encrypted data. There are also changes regarding its ransom note. While previously it demanded the ransom in a # DECRYPT MY FILES #.txt or the # DECRYPT MY FILES #.html file, now the recovery instructions are presented in # HELP DECRYPT #.html.

The current update reveals that the malware shifts from appending a 4-digit random extension. Throughout its existence, the malware has already wheedled out stunning amounts of money. That is why we do not suggest transferring the money. There are no guarantees for recovering the data from the hackers. Lastly, the threat spreads via the same channels: spam emails and infected advertisements and links.

Cerber v4.0:

It is the latest and probably the most vicious of all ransomware versions. This virus does not use previously-used extensions anymore. It has improved its encryption algorithm and now displays extensions consisting of a jumble of different numbers instead.

Besides, according to the virus creators, this new version of the virus is much more resistant to antivirus detection and manages to disguise its activity on the computer until all of the files are encrypted. Talking about files, it has been found that Cerber v4.0 ransomware is now capable of encrypting even more file types which only proves that ransomware developers are not hanging around and are ready to exploit as many users as possible.

For this purpose, they have also released the RaaS version of Cerber ransomware which can be obtained on the dark web. Currently, experts count three main distributors of this malware, but it is very likely that more cyber crime enthusiasts will join in.

Cerber 4.1.0 ransomware:

This ransomware version differs from the previous versions mainly due to appended extension. While previously, .cerber2 and .cerber3 extensions were the trademark signs of the versions, now the virus leaves 4-digit extension or adds no extension at all.

Another major improvement lies in the distribution. PseudoDarkleech Rig exploit kit helps transfer the malware. On the other hand, such discovery will help the virus researchers to publish the decryption key and issue prevention measures sooner. The improved version also sends the request of a specific HTTP. It results in retrieving JSON file which contains payment instructions. It links to 17gd1msp5FnMcEMF1MitTNSsYs7w7AQyCt bitcoin address. Though there are more technical details revealed, it still makes Cerber a terrifying cyber infection.

Cerber 4.1.1 version comes in the “bonus” package along with 4.1.0 version. Since it is little known about exceptional features of this edition, there are many speculations about its capabilities. It is likely to spread via the same exploit kit as 4.1.0 version. Virus researchers have noticed that Cerber has changed its IP address again. Such strategic move makes the tracking of the infection source more complex.

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In order to generate 4-digit code, the ransomware employs a complicated registry segment called “MachineGun”. It is an integral part of the entire HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Cryptography key. Taking into account, these peculiarities complicate the elimination of the threat. That is why a proper security application is a necessity. Similar infections await for victims in file sharing networks or other questionable domains. It is unwise to consider remitting the payment as several versions of the malware have already gained millions of dollar profit and the developers are unlikely to send the decrypter.

Cerber 4.1.4 virus has shown up right after the appearance of 4.1.1 version, and these viruses are very similar. They both encrypt files using same methods, corrupt the original filename and append a customized four-character extension instead of the original one. Ransomware roots deeply into the system, adds registry keys, alters values, drops its components to the %TEMP% folder and other locations across the entire computer system to make it harder to remove.

Each component is extremely dangerous, and it is a must to remove them all at once to ensure a successful Cerber 4.1.4 removal. This virus strongly encrypts personal data without any shame and demands a ransom in exchange for Decryptor. No matter how hard malware analysts try, they cannot break this virus’ obfuscation layers and find out what algorithm is used to generate unique encryption/decryption keys for the victim. Sadly, files encrypted by this version cannot be recovered with any decryption tools.

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Cerber 4.1.5 ransomware has appeared at the beginning of November 2016, and successfully infected hundreds of computers already. This version copies techniques used in the past, and hardly differs from previous versions. Encrypted files become unrecognizable because virus scrambles their filenames; however, the virus creates unique file extension for each victim and appends it to encrypted records. It leaves a ransom-demanding message in README.hta file, which points to personal payment websites.

The victim is asked to pay 0.6967 BTC, which equals to $500, or more if he/she fails to pay up in the given term. Cerber 4.1.5 reportedly spreads with the help of notorious Neutrino and RIG exploit kits, malvertising, and of course malware-laden emails. You can protect your PC from this ransomware by stockpiling data backups and installing a trustworthy anti-malware software.

Cerber 4.1.6 ransomware has emerged at the end of November 2016, more or less after a month after the appearance of the 5th edition of the fourth ransomware version. This modification of the virus has no outstanding improvements and functions just like its former versions do. The virus merges RSA and RC4 encryption algorithms to create an uncrackable cipher that renders personal files, documents, databases and other important files useless.

The ransom price is 501$, and criminals command the victim to transmit this sum of money via Bitcoin system within five days; otherwise, they increase the ransom price. This sequel to the infamous project is just as dangerous as its predecessors, and it also connects every compromised PC into a botnet to carry out DDoS attacks. Victims of the 4.1.6 version should remove virus as soon as possible and perform several system scans to thoroughly analyze the computer and remove all malicious files and ransomware remains.

Cerber 5.0.1 ransomware was quickly launched to back up the previous infections. It keeps encrypting files with RSA-2048 and AES-256 algorithms. That is why users, entrapped by Cerber, might comply with the hackers’ demands to retrieve the files. Needless to say, it is not recommended to transmit the money as there are few guarantees of getting it back. This version has been spreading as a fake email warning with huge billing sums.

The virus urges a victim to open the attachment which would activate a VBA script. Afterward, it will execute the .exe file which downloads the main file of the infection. It also disguises its processes in Task Manager to lower the risk for users to spot ominous command. Do not waste and eliminate the threat before it causes more severe outcomes.

Red Cerber ransomware:

This version has been detected on the eve of 2017. In comparison to previous variations, the gearheads introduce several changes in the overall design and operation peculiarities. One of the key modifications was the disabled command to delete shadow volume copies. Likewise, it gives hope for its victims to recover the encrypted files.

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Likewise, it utilizes extra instruments for conveying a hit to a virtual group. Alongside spam messages, RIG and Nemucod abuse unit are additionally utilized to build the quantity of exploited frameworks. Traded off and undermined areas likewise serve for spreading this infection. Remember that the undermined form of Adobe Flash Player likewise may camouflage Red Cerber malware.

There are additionally a couple of changes concerning encryptable document groups. Its engineers include 50 record augmentations which the infection expects to encode. Be that as it may, a couple, chiefly framework executable documents, for example, .exe and .bat, were avoided from the rundown.

Help_help_help ransomware infection. Subsequent to taking a short break amid the occasions, the digital scoundrels presented the adjusted variant of Red Cerber. The key changes incorporate the presentation of the requests in the *help_help_help[random characters]*.hta record.

The penetrators additionally included enhanced Nemucod abuse unit. Obviously that such enhancements just explained the disease significantly more. The key shocking component of the malware lies in the execution procedure. Nemucod abuse unit conveys cer.jpg document into your framework. After its sets foot on the working framework, it plays out a transformation: the document changes into .exe record.

Therefore, it turns out to be just a matter of seconds when help_help_help infection finishes its capture. There are additionally reports that Cerber has been seen oblivious web as RaaS (ransomware-as-a-benefit). So, these changes remind a typical truth – refresh every one of your projects and remain watchful.

Cerber 6 ransomware infection. While a while has gone since the last form of Cerber, the engineers utilized this opportunity to enhance and art this crypto-malware to another level. The most recent form, sixth portion, presents enhanced hostile to sandboxing and against VM highlights. At the end of the day, it can stay away from recognition in virtual machines which entangles the creating counterattack methodologies. It is likewise known to use to utilize SFX documents, i.e. self-removing documents.

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Because of more extensive open mindfulness about the dispersion of this malware, the criminals search for routes how to execute the malware with negligible clients’ impedance. The utilization of numerous and assorted hacking methods clarifies why Cerber remains the greatest digital issue. Other than camouflaging in spam messages, it likewise utilizes misuse packs, trojans and bugs in understood program utilities to various its harm on the virtual group. Right now, there is no unscrambling programming discharged for this variant. Be that as it may, some of our prescribed choices toward the finish of the article may be successful.

Magniber ransomware infection. This rendition of crypto-ransomware has been spotted by Michael Gillespie on October 14, 2017. It can be perceived from .ihsdj or kgpvwnr expansions which it adds to encoded records. The infection was at first called My Decryptor ransomware. Later on, a gathering of security specialists recognized a gigantic malvertising assault firmly identified with Magnitude misuse pack which channels casualties in view of their geolocation and dialect utilized as a part of the PC. The endeavor unit targets CVE-2016-0189 defenselessness in Internet Explorer and if the objective meets the prerequisites, contaminates the framework with Magniber infection.

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The name of the ransomware gets from Magnitude + Cerber. The malevolent infection is shockingly like the most recent Cerber malware variations. Nonetheless, specialized likenesses are by all account not the only thing that influences security analysts to ponder about the inceptions of Magniber. It gives the idea that Cerber’s movement has backed off amid October, which gives base for suspecting that cybercriminals were making another and potentially more unsafe ransomware variation.

The noxious programming seems, by all accounts, to be focusing on individuals from South Korea as it were. Obviously, this area based ransomware variation can swing to other world nations whenever, so we unequivocally encourage you to ensure your PC and make an information reinforcement. This ransomware scrambles records just to request a payoff by means of My Decryptor page (available through Tor program) and requests 0.2 Bitcoin ($1100). In the event that the casualty chooses not to pay, the payoff cost increments to 0.4 Bitcoin following 5 days.

Close take a gander at Cerber ransomware conveyance

Allegedly, malware licenses other digital hoodlums to join its partner arrange and enables them to circulate this infection anyway they need. The first designers of Cerber remove a portion of the benefit and enable the associates to keep whatever is left of it. Know that digital hoodlums for the most part appropriate this infection by means of spam messages, so ensure you don’t open any suspicious emails that originate from obscure senders. Despite the fact that the greater part of such pernicious correspondence on up on “Spam” list, there is no assurance that an infection conveying email won’t slip to your customary Inbox also.

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In this way, you ought to be especially cautious about opening any connections that originate from obscure sources and are joined by suspicious messages. Regularly the digital crooks will act like delegates of administrative or law requirement foundations, so it is suggested that you generally check the authenticity of such messages in the event that you get any. Cerber ransomware infection can likewise enter your PC with an assistance of Trojans.

Hence, you ought to maintain a strategic distance from deceitful download sites since you may download a tainted record that has this malevolent infection bearer joined to it. Unnecessary to specify, you ought to abstain from going to high-hazard website pages and connecting with the pop-ups and different warnings you may experience there. The most recent ransomware conveyance crusade targets vulnerabilities in authentic programming and uses them to push the ransomware into target PCs. The best way to shield your PC from being tainted is to keep a hostile to malware programming running constantly.

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As per PC specialists, deceiving messages pushing clients to pay the payments to anticipate penetration of Cerber have likewise been identified. Avoid such email messages and don’t consider making these fines! You have to deal with your organization’s wellbeing. Ensure you let your bosses think about such assaults and introduce solid security programming.

Spam used to extore the cash

Cerber infection removal steps:

There is presumably that Cerber ransomware is a standout amongst the most risky PC infections of today. PC specialists are as yet attempting to make a decoding device to enable its casualties to unscramble their documents, at the same time, at the season of composing, there is just a single honest to goodness decrypter that ought to be endeavored to recuperate the encoded records without paying the payoff. It is given in the “Recuperate your information” area. Furthermore, in the event that you are contaminated and can’t open your records, we propose you to take after discretionary recuperation arrangements made by our tech specialists.

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In any case, before you attempt them, ensure you evacuate Cerber infection as quickly as time permits. Bear in mind that it is an unsafe and very much organized PC risk, so you ought to select an expert malware evacuation apparatus to dispense with the ransomware from an exploited PC completely. In the event that the expulsion methodology did not go as smooth as you expected, you can attempt the guidelines gave beneath. When you unblock your infection remover, have a go at checking your PC once more.

How might you Protect Yourself from Ransomware?

In the event that you were contaminated by Cerber, I can just say that I comprehend what you are experiencing is horrendous. I have sufficiently assisted individuals with ransomware in the course of recent years to realize that its an appalling and disregarding knowledge and not one I wish on anybody.

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For any individual who was tainted with the Cerber Ransomware or is worried about future diseases, I very prescribe Emsisoft Anti-Malware for their conduct blocker segment. Not exclusively do you get an awesome security program, however their conduct blocker has a mind boggling track record at keeping new zero-day ransomware from encoding a PC.

Not just has it presented a few developments on the specialized side (adding the capacity to work disconnected, to slaughter and encode databases, and so forth.), it has additionally turned out to be a standout amongst the most noticeable early drivers of ransomware-as-a-benefit (RaaS).

Rather than disseminating Cerber exclusively themselves, the designers behind the ransomware have made it accessible to any future criminal willing to part with a bit of the benefits.

Much appreciated partially to this “offshoot program” Cerber has increased across the board dispersion, getting to be plainly a standout amongst the most productive ransomware families. We should take a gander at a portion of the details behind its ascent.

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Cerber Ransomware Statistics

150,000 Windows clients were tainted in July 2016 alone

Amid the long stretch of July scientists at Check Point followed an aggregate of 161 dynamic Cerber ransomware battles conveyed by means of adventure packs which effectively contaminated about 150,000 clients around the world.

Cerber is assessed to create $2.3 million a year

Check Point specialists additionally assessed Cerber got aggressors generally $195,000 in July of 2016, putting it on track to be a $2.3 million-dollar yearly wellspring of pay for lawbreakers to take or reserve more assaults.

For a 40% cut of the benefits, anybody can convey Cerber

Cerber’s ransomware as a benefit demonstrate permits “members” to disseminate the Cerber ransomware programming in return for 40% of each payment sum paid.

Cerber Ransomware FAQ

How would you get tainted with Cerber ransomware?

Likewise with most ransomware, the most widely recognized assault vectors are phishing messages and adventure units. It’s been well known for assailants to use contaminated Microsoft Office docs that use macros, yet the fact of the matter is new conveyance strategies are being produced constantly.

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For a top to bottom breakdown of how ransomware is regularly conveyed, see our Complete Guide to Ransomware.

How does Cerber scramble records and spread?

Cerber uses RC4 and RSA calculations for document encryption.

Prior form of Cerber renamed encoded documents with a .cerber augmentation. More current forms now include an arbitrary record expansion.

Cerber likewise dons a few novel highlights:

It talks! A few variants contain VBScript that makes contaminated PCs really address casualties (you can hear what the ready sounds like here).

It works disconnected: Cerber has the capacity of working without a dynamic web association or need to interface with an order and control server (C&C). That implies separating a tainted machine won’t stop encryption.

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It can encode database documents: another adaptation of Cerber first found in October 2016 incorporates the capacity to slaughter certain database forms with a specific end goal to effectively scramble information records. Specialists trust this change may demonstrate a move to focusing on organizations, particularly.

Is it conceivable to unscramble documents scrambled by Cerber?

Sadly, while unscrambling instruments were incidentally accessible for past forms of Cerber, none at present exist for the latest adaptations. Recuperation alternatives are restricted to reestablishing from reinforcement.

Cerber Ransomware-Why it is Considered Extremely Harmful

Once the records are encoded by Cerber Ransomware, it shows a message expressing that your vital documents, photographs and database have been scrambled. To decode the same, you have to purchase an uncommon sort of programming. The payment sum charged is in Bitcoin, which should be paid inside 7 days of the encryption procedure coming up short the sum will be multiplied. Encoded documents can’t be opened by typical projects. Cerber Ransomware is considered to a great degree destructive as it erases the shadow volume duplicates from the objective PC, so that the scrambled documents can’t be recouped under any situation. Regardless of paying the payoff, there is no assurance that the records can be recouped.

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How does Cerber Ransomware Enter a PC?

Cerber Ransomware can enter a PC by means of a few means, for example, a noxious connection by means of email or a Trojan joined by a product download from any untrusted site. Digital hoodlums frequently send messages professing to be from honest to goodness Govt. or, on the other hand private bodies or your banks. These messages accompany connections or connections, which conveys the malware.

Decoding Files contaminated by Cerber Ransomware

Some Cerber ransomware decryptor instrument despite the fact that discharged by a few organizations, which can decode a few forms of this malware yet digital offenders regularly refresh the malware to bomb any such endeavor of reclamation.

How to Remove Cerber Ransomware?

You should have antivirus programming introduced on your PC to expel Cerber Ransomware. REVE Antivirus identifies Cerber Ransomware risk as Trojan.GenericKDZ.39212 and evacuates the same. In any case, you ought to have the antivirus programming introduced on your PC before any such ransomware assault.


Is Cerber Different from Other Ransomware?

Cerber Ransomware is very like different types of ransomware, for example, CryptoWall, Locky, CryptoLocker and TeslaCrypt. In any case, the encryption calculation and payoff measure recognize these malware from each other. Utilize REVE Antivirus to guard your PC from a wide range of Ransomware.


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