Best Way To Remove Shortcut Virus From Your Computer

Remove Shortcut virus

Ever plugged in your USB device and found that your necessary files and folder are missing or you are not able to access them, your portable device has likely been infected by a virus.

Shortcut virus is a new entrant in the family of system threats and is spreading its roots like wildfire among Windows users.

In this article, we aim to throw some light of the process of Shortcut virus and methods to get rid of Shortcut Virus.


Before getting into how to remove Shortcut Virus methodology let’s see what it is and what are its sources.


What is Shortcut Virus?

A shortcut virus is a harmful fusion of Trojan and worm that can hide all of your files and folders in the first place, create a shortcut decoy and finally replace them with shortcuts that look the same.


The worm and Trojan fusion make it a deadly system infection, like worms, it is capable of self-replication itself, and as a Trojan, it can behave is a stealthy manner.


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Shortcut Virus is developed with an intention to affect portable devices like USB flash drives, SD memory cards, and External hard drives and infects your system when exposed to a contaminated utensil.

Furthermore, the other side of the coin also holds right, if your computer system is infected with Shortcut Virus, any portable or USB device that you connect to it will even get infected.


As an offensive system threat, it is spreading its roots worldwide through USB and flash drives and is programmed to make copies and shortcut files of the original data.

The newly formed shortcut files are loaded with harmful virus and malware and looks precisely similar to the original data.


Shortcut virus hides in these fake shortcut and keeps replacing original files with fake ones.

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As innocent users, if you click on these, Shortcut infection starts duplicating itself and introduces more virus on your system which can even result in loss of data, reduced system performance, slow running speed and all other kinds of system abnormalities.


Cybersecurity developers are creating advanced forms of best antivirus in india on a regular basis for protection against virus and harmful malware.

However, to your knowledge Shortcut Virus is a dreadful creation of cyber criminals remains undetected by various antivirus programs.

So, what to do to fix this problem and clean Shortcut Virus permanently from your pc, continue reading this article for a perfect security guide and lifesaver tips.


Types of Shortcut Virus


  • Flash drive shortcut virus

As a typical Trojan, Shortcut virus will consolidate all the files and folders available on your portable device. It is capable of hiding original data and replacing them with new shortcut files, in the format of shortcut.exe.


The terrible thing about shortcut virus is that it gives no alternative option to the user than to unwantedly click on it to execute the files.

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Post-execution it starts performing a series of unwanted activities and installs various other malware.

It often acts like a nasty spy keeping track of all your online events, computing routine and tries to steal personal and confidential data.


As an offensive system threat, Shortcut virus can put your identity at risk by stealing and sharing your key information with remote hackers.


  • File and folder shortcut virus:

Shortcut Virus is a deadly combination of worms and Trojan, using the wrong traits of both it will; duplicate and hide all the files and will replace them with shortcut.exe files.


Often loaded with harmful malware, these shortcut extensions looks similar to original files and are provides no alternative to users than to click on them.

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Once executed it starts installing a serious of other harmful malware on your computer and is frequently found spying on your daily network activities leading to cases of cybercrime and identity theft.

Users are advised to use a suitable anti-virus module to delete Shortcut Virus permanently from your PC.


How does it spread? Spreading Techniques used by Shortcut Virus

Pen drive and portable devices are the most commonly used instruments for sharing and transferring data from one system to another and provides a ready platform for spreading this deadly infection worldwide.


Shortcut virus is spreading at a skyrocketing rate through portable devices. It is typically seen that when you connect a flash drive to an infected PC, it gets contaminated with Shortcut virus and keeps spreading itself from one computer to another.


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Shortcut virus was first discharged through internet and post that it is spreading itself through portable devices, and results in a compromised pc in an attempt to open shortcut files created by it. Below mentioned are few of its spreading techniques.


  1. Bundling: Cybercriminals are coming up with all sought of deceptive ways to infect a computer system, and are incorporating harmful virus with various installation options available online.

    If you opt for the default download option, it will install all other packed programs on your computer.

    Do not fall prey to the default procedure; it is advisable that you go through the terms and conditions available in the license agreement and use the custom options for all your downloading needs.

    It arms you against system threats and keeps all unwanted programs away from your system.

  2. Contaminated and fake websites: A considerable number of infected and counterfeit sites have filled the networking landscape and are being extensively used to misguide innocent users by masquerading themselves as genuine search engines.

    In an attempt to download programs using these websites you can get your system loaded with a considerable number of infections, malware, virus, etc.

    Do not install any application without scanning it for malware, use the best antivirus for windows 10 software for safe and secure network activities.

  3. The online world is full of all types of lucrative ads that lure users to click on them. Ad-based method of spreading the virus is one of the most prominent ways used by cyber crooks.

    Before installing anything, it is better if you look beneath the surface once to uncover what is lying inside.


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Prevention Tips and Safety Measures

If your computing routine includes periodic use of USB and portable devices it is highly recommended that you ensure to take all measures to keep your system secure and safe.

You are advised to run a scan of all the portable devices that you are attaching to your system before you start transferring any data.

Finding this virus manually is a hard nut to crack, use an efficient system technician to get rid of shortcut virus without any further delay.

For the global security and safety of your PC, It is essential to take measures to remove Shortcut virus.

Below mentioned are few prevention tips and safety measures.

  • Best Pop up Blocker: Pop up ads and notification are the most widely used tactics by hijackers to scatter shortcut virus to dig security holes and gain unauthorized access to computer systems with an underlying intention to steal data and spread a virus. Reassure yourself before you click on different links and online offers.
  • Up-To-Date System Software: Updating system software regularly will keep your system shielded against all zero day virus. Outdated and expired software often leverages your system vulnerabilities and exposes them to virus attack. It is recommended that you keep your system software’s up-to-date on a regular basis to ensure security against all old, new and yet to be discovered virus.
  • Regular Backup: Regular and periodic backup of all essential and vital system files and folders keep your data safe from virus attack. To reduce the impact of the virus, it is vital that you keep a regular backup of all essential data on portable devices or cloud services.
  • Third Party Installation: Third party installations should be avoided at any cost for the 360-degree security of your computer system. All software downloading should only be done from reliable and authentic places.
  • System Security Program: Manual methods of prevention may be considered as an option, but they do not offer accurate results. Downloading a good security program and anti-virus module is essential for overall security and safety of your pc.



For complete safety against shortcut virus, we recommend you to go with experts’ advice. Download Free Malware Removal Tool to remove shortcut virus, also make it a regular habit of performing complete system scan once in a while to wipe off all existing malware in your system along with protection from the new virus.


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