Best Antivirus in India – ITL Antivirus or other antivirus software?

Most of the people get confused between antivirus software and best antivirus in India.


Which one is better or which one to pick? Or else

What’s the difference between Antivirus and Internet Security?

Ordinary Anti-virus can only scan the viruses which they know. It cannot prevent any virus which it does not identify or don’t have sufficient database of the same. So Anti-virus software just deals with Viruses, Worms, Malware and Trojans which they are certified for and they will just provide a basic protection which is not sufficient for heavily coded viruses.

But as we all know technologies are also grown up and method of cybercrime has also advanced in recent times. Bad people or say hackers, uses many methods to do bad things with computer of users.

Though these days many antivirus software providers are using cloud based technologies and behavioral protection system to make the antivirus system or software more powerful in terms of real time protection, browser security, etc. But still there is one thing which mostly all provider miss and that thing is Firewall in their antivirus.

Firewall works greatly to protect the device from hackers. A firewall is basically a network security or privacy system which monitors all the incoming traffic and controls all the outgoing traffic on the network and this security process is based on predetermined security norms.

Here we have tried to differentiate between Antivirus, best anti-virus and Internet Security. This will definitely help you to pick the best Antivirus software for your computer.  


Well there are two types of antivirus software available in the market. The first one being just a normal antivirus which provides basic protection and performs limited function on user’s computer.

The second one is referred as Best Antivirus for windows 10 being the Antivirus which actually secures your computer data, password, and other important files and documents which can hamper with user’s privacy. These antivirus software provides real time protection, live updates and Browser protection.

The first question which comes in mind of every user is What Antivirus is?

Well, take a look on below given points and we are sure that these points will clear all your doubts on what an Antivirus actually is.

  1. An ordinary antivirus is a standalone program with basic security features in it.
  2. Normally Firewall is not included in basic protection.
  3. Free or in cheap price range.
  4. Can be useful for Basic protection for home users or individual person.

In this article we are now revealing the BEST ANTIVIRUS available in market for the year 2018 and the name is ITL ANTIVIRUS & TOTAL SECURITY.

Here are the features of the best Anti-virus available on web (ITL Total Security Anti-virus):

ITL Total Security Anti-virus is created as a working substitute of your Antivirus that deep scan each corner of your PC to discover and remove next-gen malware which other don’t provide in their anti-virus kit. This application includes more punch with regards to dealing with every existing danger. It crashes discovered dangers or threats from the roots.

  • Virus Scanning:

Scan your system regularly to detect infections and protect it from damage. There are 3 options given in Scan i.e. Smart Scan, Deep Scan and Custom Scan. It profoundly (deeply) scans your PC for any malignant software that is introduced and furthermore detects any suspicious conduct on your PC. It works as a virus cleaner.

  • Live updates

Removes every single contaminated files from your PC, keeps a record of all the malignant projects deleted and check if your application & virus definition is up to date to get the best protection always. You can check the status which is updated or not.

  • Shield

Making shield is the last significant task done. It stops all dangers like Trojan, Worm, Ransomware, Adware, Bots, Spyware, Rootkit Trojan Horses and so forth, subsequently making a shield around your PC.

  • Excellent virus detection:

    In any case, scans can’t be successful if the program doesn’t realize what it’s searching for. That is the reason each antivirus software comes with a database of known malware, and looks at each examined record to the substance of the database.

ITL is the best free antivirus of 2018 in India

This database is updated regularly, frequently once or twice a day. This is one reason why we generally advocate for people to keep their software up to date, especially their antivirus.

  • Fast scanning: If any AV is not fast in scanning then it is not worth it. We believed in it and used the reverse scanning technique which gives you fast scanning results.
  • Log settings: detailed logs are generated on every scan and it can also be exported and can be viewed. This can give you a clear view about the files which have been detected by ITL anti-virus.
  • Schedule you scan: You can select scheduler for automatic scan. You can run on daily basics or weekly and you can even choose the day, date, time on which you want to run automatic scan.

Does Your Antivirus Give You Real Time Protection?

When you are on the web, ITL anti-virus real time protection is easily doing its energetic activity of scanning, domains visiting and pages. Your online presence is identified by fake entities and they endeavor to sneak into your system. These assaults are not in your vision but they endeavor to discover vulnerabilities in security applied on your system. ITL Total Security Anti-virus identifies these vulnerabilities and shows you and crushes any malware or suspicious movement found.

Protection for your browser:

  • Internet Explorer:

ITL Total Security Anti-virus turn out to be fiercer in identifying key loggings, remote associations or connection and sparing your session data from being recorded.

  • Google Chrome:

Would you feel shielded if your perusing is undone from whatever remains of your PC exercises? If yes, at that point we have this feature inbuilt.

  • Mozilla Firefox:

Presently SSL Certificate is an indication of Trust and you can without much of a stretch be tricked from a fake SSL certificate on the web. Once more, we have inbuilt tool to identify a fake SSL Certificate.

Frightened by Malware? Try not to Be!

ITL anti-virus care for You!! ITL Anti-virus is Doctor for your PC health.

Tremendous concentration has been put into acknowledgment of future dangers by digital fraudster.

Our research labs have capitalized time and years of experience in order to make the most ideal malware protection tool or free malware removal tool

Shields your PC from destructive malware, Trojan, virus, ransomware attacks. The best option of an antivirus.

This is the last part of this article which is all about what Internet Security Suites are?

The basic and most sufficient information about Internet Security Suite is:

  1. It is a collection of many features including antivirus like Firewall. Antimalware, Antispyware, AntiSpam etc.
  2. Firewall Included
  3. Effective for full protection from Internet threats and USB threats
  4. Costly then antivirus
  5. Useful for Business users and serious home users to protect data.

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